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About Us

K-12 Online Education

Welcome to The Haven School! The Haven School is a flexible option for students, grades K-12 in Widefield School District 3, who want to receive most or all of their education in a virtual learning environment. Formerly the D3 My Way Virtual School, The Haven School focuses on providing students with a personalized and flexible learning experience that emphasizes the importance of cultivating student autonomy with the support of others in "the pack."  At The Haven School, everyone is "part of the pack" as the importance of positive relationships with teachers and peers is an integral component of our school culture. 

A Haven is defined as a safe or peaceful place. At the Haven School, our students experience a safe learning community where they are supported by others in the Pathfinder Pack. Everyone is "Part of the Pack" at The Haven School and students are welcome who want a safe place to learn, make mistakes, connect with others, and explore the world around them.

Our Mission

At the Haven School, students at all levels experience learning through individual and collaborative opportunities, guided by teachers who provide personalized instruction, mentorship, and partnership with families. Pathfinders are encouraged to challenge themselves, grow from mistakes, and engage in field experiences to connect with the broader community and explore the diverse world around them.


Caroline Johnson, Principal at The Haven School

Caroline Johnson

Becca Kiger, Assistant Principal at The Haven School

Assistant Principal
Rebecca Kiger

Our Vision

To create a safe innovative learning community that supports personalized learning, collaboration, and diverse skills that apply to a modern world.

Our Goals

Haven School students will AIM for Success by:

  • Actively engaging in their education through: regular attendance, interacting with teachers, connecting with peers, and practicing professionalism in the educational setting. 
  • Become Independent learners by: following through with commitments, managing their time, and demonstrating consistency in their course work. 
  • Develop a Mindset of growth through: problem solving, perseverance, seeking support when needed, communicating with others, demonstrating flexible thinking, and nurturing a sense of curiosity.


Office Hours: 8:00 AM - 3:30 PM


Main Office:
930 Leta Drive
Colorado Springs, CO 80911

  • Main Office: 719-391-3080
  • Attendance Office: 719-391-3042
  • Registration/Health Office: 719-391-3070