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Photo of Angela Sours

Angela Sours has been an inspiration to work with. She showed and taught me some great lessons. The biggest and most important lesson I learned this year was, 

Moving out of your comfort zone is ok, at times hard, but can be done, even when you don't want to.  Angela made a lot of adjustments coming to us this year. She showed me how to go about redefining oneself without losing yourself. Coming from a place where grades and school ranking were one of the most important qualities a student could have, Angela had to learn school did not define her and that as a person she had so much more to give. Angela also showed that sometimes it is fine to be uncomfortable.  There were times she was asked to participate in events that brought stress and sometimes tears; she did not shy away. She stood strong, did what she needed to do, and all with grace. All in all, Angela showed in order to be successful in any situation due I like her must have determination and dedication to excellence.-Mrs. Smith