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April 14th, 2023 - Fourth Grade Highlights S2

The fourth grade has been working diligently this semester. In January, the students began the second semester preparing for state testing. The students worked on critical thinking skills for ELA and mathematics, inference skills, number sense, and more. It has been a busy semester.

STEAM days bring a lot of excitement and fun activities. The Haven School is lucky to have the Security Public Library visit and share stories with the children. Each time the librarian comes, the kids are entertained by the theatrical voices of the librarian reading a book.


For our last STEAM day, the students enjoyed time with the Humane Society representative. He visited with the third, fourth, and fifth-grade classes. The students learned about pet care; they matched up pet supplies to the correct pet. It was a fun visit for all students. 

As we move on to the end of fourth grade, the students continue to work energetically. Fourth graders are reading a novel of their choice and completing a novel study to present to their peers. We have just begun a final research project on a zoo animal since we will be visiting the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo this month. All in all, the fourth graders are an amazing group of children. 

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