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The Haven School uses Accelerate, an award winning online learning curriculum, as the basis for instruction. Accelerate is aligned with Colorado State Standards and is designed to engage students by presenting content in a variety of forms to appeal to all types of learners. Accelerate is supported through The Haven School's highly qualified teachers who supplement the curriculum with in-person instruction on Connection Days, lessons during virtual classes, and real world application of content through enrichment activities offered throughout the school year.


Elementary Curriculum

K-5 courses were built with the 21st century student in mind. Courses integrate online and offline activities to support multiple learning styles and to ensure that students are able to show mastery of concepts down to the objective level.  High-interest, age-appropriate stories and informational texts were written especially for our courses based on the sight and spelling words for each lesson. Lessons and activities are interactive and visually engaging for young learners.

Secondary Curriculum

Accelerate Education’s 6-12 courses are designed to engage students with different learning styles and abilities, utilizing rich, interactive learning assets that provide both visual and auditory stimulation. Using cutting-edge technology, the courses offer rich, rigorous, in-depth standards- aligned multimedia lessons. Students interact with this content via multiple presentation formats, including photos, visual learning animations, videos, interactive text, and guided and independent practice activities. These resources are especially powerful for relating instructional concepts to real-world contexts

The Haven School is NCAA certified! 

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