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Junior Pathfinders

The Haven School considers students grades K-5 part of our elementary cohort. A typical day in the life of an elementary school student can vary depending on the student learning style and schedule. However, within the flexible schedule there are sessions that all students must attend. Live sessions are mandatory and promote learning in all formats:

  • Students receive direct instruction
  • Learners engage with their classmates
  • Kids participate in engagement activities such as discussion threads, community building activities, review of content material, and much more.

After the live class session, students are expected to work independently in their coursework within the Accelerate platform. This is considered asynchronous learning time. Our expectation is for students to complete module work in each class, each school day. Students will work in math, science, social studies and language arts. Small group instruction is also part of the process to support kids at all levels.

  • Small groups meet the needs of students and could include extra math support, targeted reading skill practice, or advanced math skills. 

If a student has chosen the Enriched Virtual model, the student will attend teacher-led, in-building sessions each week, which can include the following: hands-on enrichment activities, science labs, additional instruction, tutoring support, STEAM activities, and opportunities to socialize with their grade level peers.

Students will also have the opportunity to engage in experiential learning through field trips to various locations such as Fountain Creek Nature Center, Colorado Springs Philharmonic, yoga studios, Discovery Science Space Center, and more. 

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