The Haven School students must complete the following WSD3 requirements to earn their high school diploma:

1. Communication Skills- Eight credits – three in composition, two in literature, two in composition and/or literature, and one in speech. 

2. Mathematical Development- Six credits. 

3. Scientific Development- Six credits – two in the area of life science, two in the area of earth science, and two in the area of physical science. 

4. Social Studies and Citizenship- Seven credits – one in social studies survey, one in geography, two in world history, two in American history, and one in American government. 

5. Personal Development- Five credits – two in physical education, one in health (9- 12), and two from fine arts, foreign language (9-12), and/or careers (10-12). 

Required Credits = 32
Elective Credits = 16
Total Credits = 48 

**In addition to 48 credits, students must also demonstrate English and math proficiency in alignment with Colorado Department of Education graduation requirements by receiving passing scores on the SAT and/or the ASVAB. The Haven School counselor will work with high school students to track this graduation requirement.