Current Students

High School students practicing orienteering at the Fountain Valley Nature Center

HS students Orienteering

Middle School students at the Space Foundation Discovery Center

Space Foundation Discovery Center Fieldtrip


Elementary students at the Garden of the Gods


Garden of the Gods Fieldrip

Students at The Haven School participate in virtual classes, complete asynchronous coursework, and engage with teachers and peers on in-person Connection Days throughout each week. In addition, a strong emphasis is placed on experiential learning opportunities. Students participate in hands-on experiences connected to their learning both at the Haven School learning center and in the community. 

High school kids posing at Prom, Not Prom -a unique tradition created by students, for students.

A mixed grade-level middle school team works to build a bridge as part of end of the year Pathfinder Games -a day of celebration, competition, and field day.

Elementary students compare their combined weight to a hippo as part of a trip to Cheyenne Moutnain Zoo.