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Ready to Rock State Assessment: Showing What We Know

State testing will be conducted during the 4th quarter. Thank you in advance to all of our Pathfinder parents for ensuring your students are in attendance for testing. We are looking forward to seeing the growth our students have. Go Pathfinders!

3rd-5th Grade CMAS Schedule:
ELA & Math:
Tues, March 21: 9:00am-12:05pm
Wed, March 22: 9:00am-12:05pm
Thurs, March 23: 9:00am-12:05pm

Science (5th Grade Only)
Mon, April 10: 9:00am-1:50pm

6th-8th Grade Testing Schedule:
ELA & Math
Tues, April 4: 12:00-3:05pm
Wed, April 5: 12:00-3:05pm
Thurs, April 6: 12:00-3:05pm

Science (8th Grade Only)
Tues, April 11: 9:00am-1:05pm

High School Testing Schedule:

CMAS Science (11th Grade)
Thurs, April 6 8:45am-12:00pm

SAT (11th)
Wednesday, April 12: 7:15am-12:30pm

PSA 10 (10th)
Thurs, April 13: 7:15am-12:30pm

PSAT 8/9 (9th Grade)
Thurs, April 13: 7:15am-12:30pm

Students taking the PSAT 8/9, PSAT 10, or SAT should bring two #2 pencils, a calculator, and a photo ID to testing. Materials will be provided for all other students, including calculators, which are built into testing programs.