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The Weekly Trek: Student Spotlight - 4th Grade

November 3rd, 2022 - Student Spotlight: Fourth Grade

Fourth grade is having a fantastic time in and out of class this year. The first week of  October, the students went on a field trip to the Fountain Creek Nature Center with the third and fifth graders. The students explored the various environments found throughout the nature center. 

While trekking through the park, a deer was sighted along with a camouflaged water frog. The field trip was a great hands-on experience learning about our Colorado environment which supplements the Accelerate lessons in Social Studies.

Here students are sharing out with the park's ranger; students just finished observing various microorganisms living in pond water. There were a lot of creepy creatures in that water.

Fourth-grade students have also been working diligently these past few weeks on their Colorado presentations for Social Studies. The students had to research multiple subtopics of Colorado, including various national monuments, physical features, and the many people who influenced the growth of the state. 

This is the first time the students have had to research and write information in a presentation format. Most students chose to present their reports in a Jamboard, while two students, Ava Powell and Galen Kyshwonis, took it upon themselves to create PowerPoint presentations. Neither student had prior instructions on how to use PP; this was a huge undertaking on their part. All in all, Ms. Good is am extremely proud of all the fourth-grade students for their diligence throughout this extensive project. 

Fourth grade ended the month with a fun, fantastic day playing games to celebrate Halloween. Thank you HS Leadership for a great time. 

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