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The Weekly Trek: Student Spotlight - 5th Grade


November 11th, 2022 - Student Spotlight: 5th grade

This month Mrs. Gallagher recognizes Antonio Hawkins,  who is kind, respectful, and hard working. Antonio is very perceptive and has a keen eye for science. Particularly during our field trip to the Fountain Nature Center, Antonio asked great questions about the creek and did a great job with the science experiment where students were looking at creek critters under the microscope. I am so proud of Antonio's hard work!

Our 5th grade students attended the school book fair this week. They are also learning about writing narrative essays, multiplying/dividing decimals, refraction of light, and the Revolutionary War! They also had a visit from the Security Public library and fire/rescue department. (Left to Right) Lilly Shaw, Antonio Hawkins, Zayden Powell, and Tobias Torres sit on top of the ambulance gurney. They had a great time!

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