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The Weekly Trek: Student Spotlight - 9th Grade

November 3rd, 2022 - Student Spotlight: Freshmen

Piper Gwinn is such an amazing part of our pack! She has a heart of gold and is so kind to everyone she encounters. She is always positive and looking for ways she can contribute to those around her. She always does her best and tries her hardest. Piper is also an amazing artist with a knack for making others feel good about being themselves! She is a noteworthy leader and an exceptional friend.

Juno is starting off their Freshmen year so incredibly strong, which is often easier said than done! Juno always contributes in class and is willing to admit when they do not understand or when they have a question. This is such an asset for a student and it helps everyone else in the class as well! Juno seeks help as needed and puts in the work to succeed. Juno is also pushing past their doubts and stepping up and putting themself out there as a leader for our school community. Thank you for being you, Juno!


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