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Weekly Trek: Student Spotlight - 3rd Grade

It has been a busy beginning of the year full of wonder and learning for 3rd grade who have explored nature, science, and their own creativity! 

Genevieve Torres is a third grade student who loves animals. This is her third year at D3 My Way. Her brother, a 5th grade student, is also at D3 My Way.  Gen likes P.E. and seeing her friends at school. She has two ducks named  Bubble and Puddle. Puddle is a girl that lays eggs and Bubble is a boy. Her new pet is a Jacobin pigeon. His name is Kevin. Gen paid for him with money she earned from her lemonade stand. “He can still fly,” says Gen.  She has liked animals since she was four years old. Gen wants to be a pet shop worker when she grows up.

Kylee investigates pond water up close at Fountain Valley Nature Center. Students also created classroom terrariums to learn about plants and the water cycle.

Want to see the whole journey? Access the Pathfinder Weekly Trek, full version, with this link.

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