The Haven School Mission

The Haven School provides comprehensive and individualized instruction for 21st century learners within a safe and flexible blended learning environment using innovative learning platforms, personalized by highly-qualified teachers, to create an educational experience that prepares learners to positively engage in their communities.

The Haven School Learning Center

Main Office:
930 Leta Drive
Colorado Springs, CO 80911
6th-12th: 719-391-3080
K-5th: 719-391-3042
The Haven School Apparrel


To provide students with a viable educational option that supports personalized learning, flexibility, social-emotional development, critical thinking, and 21st century skills that prepares students to actively engage in the world around them. 


Goals: The Haven School students will AIM for Success by

-Actively engaging in their education through: regular attendance, interacting with teachers, connecting with peers, and practicing professionalism in the educational setting. 

-Become Independent learners by: following through with commitments, managing their time, and demonstrating consistency in their course work. 

-Develop a Mindset of growth through: problem solving, perseverance, seeking support when needed, communicating with others, demonstrating flexible thinking, and nurturing a sense of curiosity.