Why The Haven School?

Welcome to The Haven School! The Haven School is a learning option for students grades K-12 in Widefield School District 3 who want to receive most or all of their education in a virtual learning environment. Formerly the D3 My Way program, The Haven School focuses on providing students with a personalized and flexible learning experience that emphasizes the importance of cultivating student autonomy with the support of others in "the pack."  At The Haven School, everyone is "part of the pack" as the importance of positive relationships with teachers and peers is an integral component of our school culture. 

Our Name

A Haven is defined as a safe or peaceful place. At the Haven School, our students experience a safe learning community where they are supported by others in the Pathfinder Pack. Everyone is "Part of the Pack" at The Haven School and students are welcome who want a safe place to learn, make mistakes, connect with others, and explore the world around them.