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Hello Haven School Virtual School Community!

I am very excited to be trusted with the role of Principal of The Haven School starting with the 2022-2023 school year. For the past five years, I served as the The Haven School Program Facilitator, Program Coordinator, and most recently Assistant Principal. I have seen first-hand the extraordinary things that The Haven School students and staff are doing including project-based learning, engagement opportunities, experiential learning, and virtual collaboration. Moving forward, I am confident that we will continue these amazing opportunities in addition to increasing potential learning paths for our students.

The Haven School is a unique learning option for students grades K-12 in Widefield School District 3. Students at The Haven School experience quality virtual instruction, in-person engagement opportunities, a personalized learning path, and flexible schedules to allow students to pursue their passions outside of school. Our students also experience the unique ability to be part of a learning community that values diversity, connection, and personalization. I am committed to ensuring that The Haven School remains a viable learning option for students in Widefield School District 3 and continues to evolve to meet the ever-changing needs of our community. 

The Haven School students are Pathfinders--they seek their own educational path and value independence while fostering the ability to work with others. Pathfinders also demonstrate strength and determination in the face of obstacles. Teachers support the unique educational paths of students by intentionally building trusting relationships, providing the best virtual and in-person instruction possible, partnering with parents, and creating unique engagement opportunities for students to connect with their peers and the community. I am proud to be leading the pack as The Haven School Principal. 

Go Pathfinders!

Caroline Johnson, Ed.S., LCSW
The Haven School Principal



I am Rebecca Kiger, the Dean of Students for The Haven School. I have enjoyed being a member of the The Haven School staff since 2014. I have over 15 years of educational experience, all as a teacher within the Widefield school district. My favorite part of working in education is supporting students as they make connections and experience the joy of learning. 

Some unique things The Haven School offers elementary students include: a personalized learning path, student-centered flexible schedule, and opportunities to interact and engage with peers within an inclusive, safe environment.

We believe students should have a voice and choice with their learning. Students have the freedom to work through their coursework with the instructional guidance and support of a highly-qualified teacher. Students are assigned a teacher and are part of a virtual classroom community. Through the enriched virtual model, students meet with their teachers and peers at the Learning Center to participate in hands-on learning, group projects, STEAM activities, and much more.

I look forward to partnering with you and your student in the 2022-2023 school year. 

Becca Kiger, Dean of Students