Secondary Students

At The Haven School, secondary students (grades 6-12) have access to a personalized learning experience that is flexible to meet their needs. We are excited to offer the following: 

-Flexible scheduling to allow time for other commitments (sports, work, internships, etc)
-A virtual educational experience with the potential for one or two in-building sessions per week for students who choose the Enriched Virtual Learning Model
-A learning environment that allows for flexible seating, choice of activities for the day, and opportunities for individualized support from teachers
-An opportunity for students to actively develop 21st-century learning skills, such as technology literacy, problem-solving, creativity, & collaboration


HS Student Working on Connection Day

Middle School Pathfinders

Middle School Pathfinders experience a flexible learning environment with intentional structures put into place to support student success. Throughout the week, students complete virtual classes and participate in small groups based on student needs (math, English, study skills, etc). Students can choose the Enriched Learning Model and attend in-person Connection Days once per week. Mentor teachers partner with students and parents to track student progress throughout the school year. In addition to synchronous and asynchronous coursework, students can participate in enrichment activities such as project days and field trips. Middle school students work to develop time management skills, problem-solving, and critical thinking skills to help prepare for high school. 


MS Science Support Session

High School Pathfinders

High school students at The Haven School actively work with teachers to develop independence while continuing to collaborate with others. Students complete virtual synchronous activities each week for their courses. In addition, students have the opportunity to attend in-person Connection Days to participate in hands-on learning opportunities, field experiences, and connect with teachers and peers. High school students are also encouraged to enroll in college and career readiness classes such as carpentry or construction classes at WSD3's Manufacturing Industry Learning Lab (MILL), Work Based Learning experiences, concurrent enrollment courses at Pikes Peak Community College, and The Haven School's variety of career-focused elective offerings (cybersecurity, teaching careers, graphic design, social media business marketing, etc).

MS Tutoring Session


HS Tutoring Session